President's Message

An Airport the Region Deserves

​Stephen Crowe joined us to discuss not only the exciting recent runway expansion announcement but also to provide insight into his career that brought him to his current role as Executive Manager Corporate Affairs, Newcastle Airport.

Stephen started his career with the Newcastle Knights and was even part of the premiership winning team of ‘97. The club had such an impact on his early career that he dedicates the it to changing his life. Now, Stephen is still heavily involved with Rugby League as the current President of the Knights ‘Old Boys’.

But how does any of this relate to ‘business’ as many of us know it?

When Stephen joined the Knights, they were a new team with no money, no facilities and no star players. 90 players tried out for the team and Stephen admits he was not one of the most talented.

Coach Allan McMahon immediately had an impact that would influence Stephen immediately and continue to impact him today. Day 1 on the team, Allan wrote on the board ‘Be the player others want to play with’.

From then, Stephen learned that it wasn’t talent that made great players, it was toughness, showing up and resilience. These lessons are how Stephens time at the Newcastle Knights connects with business and his current career.

Now, Stephen still believes in having a strong commitment to his role and the impact the airport can have on our community. Newcastle Airport is in line with this and describes themselves as ‘committed to being the airport the region deserves’.

The recent announcement of the expansion of our runway is not just about international flights, the Airport enables a higher level of economic activity both out of and into our region. Think stronger relationships with Defence, more political competition, expended opportunities for freight and a diversified economy with job possibilities we can’t even begin to predict.

Four countries were considered as viable for daily flights out of Newcastle and Singapore is top of the list. Singapore is unique in its potential for direct travel but also as a stepping stone to and from the Middle East. Connectivity is key in a sustainable international destination.

It is scheduled to take two years to complete the project. And a fact I learned was that the described expansion is not an extension of the runway as it is long enough, but instead a strengthening. The reinforcement works will start at one end, then the other and the middle final stage in an overnight push.

When the room was open for question time, it was clear the community still has hesitations around access to the airport specifically with the need for better public transport. Stephen encouraged the room to get booking on those flights when they come up as the growth of demand will filter to development of infrastructure and with Global Connectivity, Newcastle will be a Global City.

For more information, Stephen has been kind enough to share his detailed slides. CLICK HERE for access.

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July Luncheon

We welcome members and guests to join us at our July event to hear from Iain MacDougall – Head of Growth at Liftango, a Newcastle-based technology “startup” which provides shared transport technology to corporate and public transport clients.

The “uber for buses” technology focuses on how to get the most people possible into a fleet of vehicles, in the most efficient manner.

Over the past 18 months Liftango has experienced significant ups and downs yet has managed to expand its footprint internationally in the face of the covid-related turmoil.

After roles in a family business that reinvented a market, as accidental founder of an internationally successful education business, and as a not-for-profit small business advisor, Iain is continually amazed at where his career his taken him and fascinated by the dedication and belief of small businesspersons.

In his current role, Iain helps the team build structured processes while trying not to lose sight of the innovation, productivity and nimbleness that is possible in small teams.

Since Iain joined Liftango, the business has doubled in team size; secured clients in North America, Europe and Asia; and kicked off projects with clients the likes of Ikea, Volvo Tesla.

Join us to hear about the Iain’s journey and how his previous experiences have brought him to Growing a shared transport business in a world where social distancing is the norm.

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Stephanie Jordan | 2021 President