President's Message

April Luncheon

There are the rare opportunities when you meet a person that exudes business acumen.  A moment of their time and they leave their mark; they are both pragmatic and inspirational.  Glen Carlson of Dent Global, our keynote speaker for April was one such person.

Glen started in business when aged in his early 20s. He was in a marketing company servicing the top end of London with clients including Andrew Lloyd Webber. Despite early success, his company had its ups and downs – millions of pounds in turnover but the profit wasn’t always consistent.

At this point in his presentation, Glen elevated to a level that captivated the room. He shared his views on business which gave us an insight into why he is the founder of a business that was named BRW’s 9th fastest growing business.  The below is why he is making a ‘Dent’ in the universe:

  • Income follows assets – develop assets and be a value builder. Chasing turnover gets you nowhere unless you are creating value.
  • A mentor could be just what you need – we all have strengths, but we equally have times when we benefit from a mentor to scale our business.
  • It’s not the best product or service that wins, it’s the best pitch. Can you articulate what you sell and do it in an engaging and compelling manner?
  • Don’t fall in love with your products and services, fall in love with your customers.
  • If you don’t have a team, you are not an entrepreneur.
  • Be brave, have fun and make a Dent.

For May, we are pleased to present our next function designed especially for business owners and entrepreneurs – the Hunter’s own Shark Tank!

We will be welcoming ‘sharks’ Naomi Simson and Dr Glen Richards to give us some insight into their business journey. They will also participate in a Q&A, with pre-submitted questions welcomed from our guests. And finally, one lucky budding businessperson will pitch their idea to the sharks, live on stage.

We are pleased to welcome Merchant Business Brokers on board, as our major sponsor. Founders Ian Jones and Shane Fox have been attendees at our luncheons over the years and we are thrilled they have chosen to sponsor this special luncheon.

Newcastle Business Club has also established a partnership with Southern Cross Austereo and we are collaborating with KOFM with an amazing competition. Head to their website for details if you think you have a Shark Tank worthy idea.

See you at the lunches this year,

Dene Kilpatrick | 2017 President