President's Message

Doing something is better than doing nothing!

Thank you to those who provided such positive feedback to our August luncheon. It could have been the exceptional winter’s day overlooking the Harbour or the fantastic food but I am told this particular lunch had a relaxed buzz about it.

Optimism was the aim of our luncheon and I believe we delivered. Many great lessons came out of the presentation, enjoyed by more than the just the lucky attendees in the room, as it was also live streamed on Newcastle Herald’s Facebook page. The primary lesson was how easy it is to get caught up with the determination to make the best decisions that we end up hesitating too long and we do nothing. This lesson can be applied to many facets of business and life. On this occasion our speakers were referring to the development of Newcastle and in particular the inner city. The smart money found Newcastle two to three years ago. Others have rapidly followed. There are now some twenty-eight major projects, largely residential, currently in the process of being built in our city.

We have turned a corner in Newcastle with a solid market due to a steadily rising economy and low investment risks. We are at last seeing something happen and I am hopeful that this will end the trend for extended debates whilst nothing progresses. Yes, there will always be pros and cons and nothing may ever be perfect in everyone’s eyes but I would challenge anyone who could not find some small glimmer of hope in seeing some progress. I hope this means we are becoming a city no longer divided but a city united in seeing long term projects coming to fruition.

On the subject of being united. It is with excitement that I announce a new union for Newcastle Business Club and officially welcome our new media partner Southern Cross Austereo. They are certainly doing something to enhance their support of Newcastle businesses through this new partnership. Listen out for the announcements you will hear across their airwaves on KOFM and NXFM. These will commence in October to keep you informed of upcoming events and happenings within Newcastle Business Club. They will also become a regular presence at our monthly luncheons which will bring about some exciting additions from time to time that I am sure you will not want to miss. This is an example of progress for our Club and one we are looking forward to rolling out in the coming months.

Deborah Thomas is joining us in September and I urge you to come along. Ardent Leisure is an ASX 200 company that owns and operates leisure assets such as Dreamworld, AMF Bowling and other entertainment companies across Australia and the USA. After two years on its Board, Deborah has attracted praise for the extraordinary job she did in generating a substantial turnaround for the Company. Dreamworld enjoyed more visitors during her first twelve months as CEO than previously in its history. You may recognise her as one of Australia’s most successful and experienced magazine editors who collected a host of awards during her tenure. Running a multi-billion dollar company and the expectations that come with it no doubt brings lessons from which we can all benefit. I invite you all to come along and join Newcastle Business Club in welcoming Ms Thomas to Newcastle.

I look forward to seeing you for lunch,

Jo Bright | 2016 President