President's Message

Don’t try and pick next years’ winner from last year

Effie Zahos has the ability to entertain and educate, as well as get a packed room of people to hang on her every word. We were thrilled to be able to collaborate with our gold sponsor Thirdi and silver sponsor Evolution Advisers to bring the vibrant Effie to Newcastle.

She provided an amazing amount of information in a short time, with one of her hot tips to avoid trying to make your financial decisions based on data from the past. Another was that ͚it͛s not what you earn, it͛s what you spend͛– such a simple idea, and yet it is so true!

Effie also talked about the concept of behavioural economics – an analysis that uses psychological insights into human behaviour to explain their economic decision-making. She said that in order to be financially savvy, we need to consider what we do and why we do it, then we can make the required changes. And this is where automated systems can work in our favour – automatic transfers into our savings accounts, or even using a system like ING Direct, whereby every time you make a purchase the bank will round it up to the nearest dollar (or whatever you choose) and transfer that money into a savings account. They have saved people over $17m since November last year!

It was also great to have Effie show a slide of the property market in New South Wales, with the Hunter region featuring as seven of the top ten locations for the best yield. As if we needed any more encouragement to realise that the Hunter region is the best place to live and work.

We were also pleased to work with Jane Goldsmith, from NBN, who lead an interactive Q&A session with Effie. There was a wide range of questions from the audience, all of which Effie managed to provide some sage advice on.

We are now looking to our next luncheon and we are proud to be hosting Liz Ellis, thanks to our sponsor, Greater Bank.

Liz Ellis is one of Australia͛s highest profile elite athletes and most successful netballers ever. She surpassed the record for most test matches played for Australia in 2005 and captained the Sydney Swifts and Australian Netball Team until her retirement in 2007.

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I hope to see you at one of our luncheons soon.

Holly Martin | 2018 President