President's Message

Healthy Business, Healthy People

Our May Luncheon was attended by a very healthy crowd.

I had been looking forward to this luncheon, so keen to hear from our expert panel. Each of them shared from their respective areas of expertise, some strategies and measures that we can introduce into our workplaces that make significant differences to the health of our people, and the health of our businesses.

We were joined by:

  • Jaelea Skehan, an internationally respected leader in the prevention of mental illness and the prevention of suicide.
  • Charlotte Tharrup, an internationally experienced consultant and transformative educator with more than 20 years’ experience.
  • Trent Watson, the CEO and Managing Director of Ethos Health, and an Accredited Dietitian.

The presentation was facilitated superbly by Meg Purser (Purser Communications), guiding each of our guests in sharing statistics, stories, along with some, hints and strategies that increase productivity, creativity, job satisfaction and habits that promote health and happiness. Here is a short summary and what I considered to be some worthwhile takeaways:

How do we achieve a healthy balance in work and life?

  • As a business owner or leader, prioritising your own health is more important than anything you might do for your staff. This means getting enough sleep, taking enough time out (yes, holidays!) so you can adequately support your people every day.
  • Consider three dimensions and boundaries in the balance at work:
    Fitness for work (including psychological fitness) Work environment (safety) and Fitness for life.
  • Is there anything left in your fuel tank at the end of the day? Or are you going home yearning for comfort (wine, food, reality TV?) Self-management is most important, and
    investing in the wellbeing of your people generates real returns!
  • A PWC study revealed the return on investment for every $1.00 spent on health and wellness in the workplace is $2.30

How do we make healthy choices the easy choices?

As business owners, leaders and managers, we have a responsibility to care for our people.
Studies have shown that managers of even just a few employees can impact their employees’ health – such as increasing or decreasing their risk of heart attack (depending on whether they were secretive, aggressive, disempowering managers or trusting, open and encouraging)

  • What you measure matters: If you can put meaningful metrics in place to improve the overall health and wellbeing of your workplace, you’ll naturally move the needle in those areas.
  • Consulting your people is key: Ask them what would make them thrive at work? And then be prepared to act on the feedback!

I was both surprised, and challenged at the end of the presentation – surprised at how damaging an unhealthy workplace can be…and how easily we can make a big difference by introducing some nurturing and caring into our own businesses. And I was of course challenged to not just hear that but to act on it in a measurable way. I sincerely hope that each business leader that attended, not only enjoyed the presentation but went back to their workplaces, challenged in a similar way.

Next month

18th June – Newcastle Business Club will present our Annual Awards Luncheon and once again we’ll partnering with The Equal Futures Project to deliver the Hunter Diversity awards.

This luncheon is always a sell-out so I encourage you to purchase your tickets early.

If you’re considering nominating someone for one of the 3 categories in the NBC awards, nominations close this coming Monday – 13th May. For more information, please visit our awards page.

Craig Wellings | 2019 President