President's Message

Innovation in practice

Wow! What an interesting luncheon focusing on Digital Innovation.

Our March speaker Peter Williams was an amazing facilitator and challenged the audience to think digital. Peter shared ideas and thought-provoking examples of companies that are at the forefront of digital innovation, but also enabled the room to understand that we too can be at the forefront and digitalise our companies faster and more efficiently than the large corporates. We’ve included his innovative presentation here.

It was a sell-out event and I am confident that we all walked away thinking what we can do to take advantage of digital efficiencies in our own businesses.

I urge you all to take his advice and apply a “digital lens” as it is an exciting time in history and we all need to think smarter, and learn faster.

Sponsored by Mudbath, a company that engineers world-class digital products for industry leaders, Claire Dawson’s presentation was engaging and incredibly apt. You could feel the passion that they hold for digital innovation, and are proud of what they do from Newcastle in Newcastle and across Australia.

Next month we are looking forward to hearing Jeff McCloy address the Newcastle Business Club for the first time in 5 years. Jeff is recognised as an outspoken advocate for bringing development and prosperity to Newcastle.

But before our next luncheon we will be holding another event – a Members Only function – this event is one of the benefits of the Newcastle Business Club membership, with invitation exclusive to 2020 members. The event is free thanks to our sponsor Jenkins Legal Services. If you have not received your invitation as yet, please email us at

Clare Ferguson | 2020 President