President's Message

Local Focus and Global Agenda

Attendees at our August luncheon were treated to a comprehensive and very interesting presentation. We were joined by Port Waratah Coal Service’s Hennie du Plooy – Chief Executive Officer, and Trudie Larnach – Manager Sustainability And Corporate Affairs. Together they shared on Port Waratah’s approach to sustainability, why Port Waratah values this approach and how it can be applied to other business settings.

Some of the key points we heard were:
How it’s important to have an integrated plan that is able to be actioned and how engagement is the key, engagement with key stakeholders including community and employees. A framework you design that fits your local context drives you to be more transparent with your stakeholders. Transparency is also about being real and sometimes we miss our targets, and that’s OK as we seek to work on those areas year on year.

The Port Waratah business as usual has been mapped to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals – world class standards that broaden conversation on how we can achieve a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world. A major issue for Port Waratah has been dust management. An automated intelligent dust management system has been implemented in response to this and has been so effective, it’s been replicated around the globe.

Indirect Contribution
Nobody can solve the sustainability issues across the globe alone – everybody must do their little bit. Port Waratah’s Community Investment and Partnership program indirectly supports the SDGs as these partnerships help local not for profit organisations to recognise their important work on the ground here in the Hunter in the context of the global sustainable development goals.

Stakeholders Feedback
Port Waratah have partnered with CSIRO to understand the attitudes of the community towards their business. Getting local voices heard and being able to understand levels of trust and acceptance of their work in the community and what are the drivers of these are; is really important when you are a large industrial facility in the Harbour.

Proximity Matters

Portside neighbours are directly impacted by the organisation so we know we have to work harder and more closely with them to address those impacts ultimate outcome.

Overall Port Waratah’s approach to sustainability and engagement is about building trust and developing a more mature conversation with stakeholders.

If you are interested in learning more check out Port Waratah’s website and their latest sustainable development report.

Next Luncheon – 17th September

We’ll be joined by Richard Jones – Chief Executive Officer – Westpac Rescue Helicopter

This will be a fantastic luncheon. Avoid disappointment and book your tickets online today!

Craig Wellings | 2019 President