President's Message

October Luncheon

As the end of year fast approaches it is hard to believe that 2018 is just around the corner. With that in mind, we have opened up our early bird membership for next year! Normally $90 for new members and $75 for renewing members, for those of you who join or renew before the end of the year we are offering an early bird discount of $65 per person.

Next year will be our 85th year, so there is a lot of prestige that comes along with membership of the Newcastle Business Club. In addition, you get access to discounted ticket prices, the ability to book one of our business profile spots at a luncheon, the opportunity to advertise through the Club and a name badge. We’re adding some more member benefits for next year, which we will be announcing in the coming months!

Speaking of 2018, we will shortly be calling for nominations for the 2018 committee of the Newcastle Business Club. If you are interested in being more involved in the Club I urge you to nominate for a position. There is an expectation that you attend all the luncheons, as well as committee meetings, and contribute to running of the Club. All committee members volunteer their time – and I am very grateful to the help I have had from the 2017 committee! Just keep an eye out for the nomination form.

At our last luncheon I am told we had a number of new faces, as the event was a collaboration with the 2017 Diversity & Inclusions Conference, hosted by Human Power. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, as I was overseas, but I left the event in the trusty hands of Senior Vice-President Holly Martin. She told me that the guest speakers – Michelle Crawford of Being More Human and Heidi Alexandra Pollard of UQ Power – led a very engaging an interactive presentation. Human Power is a collaboration between the two businesses and they are on a mission to help business think of their people as human beings and not resources.

Human Power have provided the following links from their presentation –

•  Snapshot of the global goals

•  Ted Talk about the global goals and the Social Progress Index

Our upcoming luncheon is always an exciting event – we will be announcing the winners of the Newcastle Business Club Annual Awards. Each year, the Awards recognise a younger (under 35) person, an individual and a company/organisation who have made a significant contribution toward the commonweal of Newcastle. We are also pleased to present our 2016 winners, who will give us an update of what’s been happening in their businesses and lives, since they won last year.

See you at the luncheon,

See you at the lunches this year,

Dene Kilpatrick | 2017 President