President's Message

Overcoming Fear in Business to find Purpose

Nancy Youssef is an award-winning finance broker, inspiring mentor, keynote  speaker and energetic philanthropist determined to create lasting change. She is the founder of Classic Finance and Classic Mentoring and Coaching, and we were
fortunate enough to have her as our guest speaker at the NBC November luncheon. Nancy has recently written a book titled ‘Fear Money Purpose’ which is aimed at inspiring small business owners to overcome common business fears and to help unlock their ultimate purpose. The book chronicles Nancy’s own journey and is a vulnerable and inspiring account of successes, failures, fear and overcoming.

Fear Stops Growth
At our luncheon, Nancy shared her story and some valuable keys to recognising how limiting fear can be and some tools on how to overcome fear. “It is a commonly known emotion that we tend to conveniently ignore, run from and try to take shelter from.”
Fear limits progress, wastes time, wastes energy and wastes opportunities. Fear Stops growth – business and personal. Nancy shared how 60% of our nation is underpinned by small business operators and if a majority of them is held back by fear, or makes decisions from a place of fear, it affects all of us.

Where Does our Fear Come From?
Nancy gave us an insight into her own culture, family and early life experiences and acknowledged that we all have a story and experiences that have shaped us and have become triggers in our lives when faced with decisions and opportunities.
What decision do we need to take when we feel the fear trigger inside us?
Why is this fear holding us back? What is stopping us achieving what we really really want?
In the business world we sometimes don’t feel good enough (imposter syndrome), comparing ourselves to others – it’s not productive. It can be paralysing. This can happen in your business when you’re not operating in your strengths. And what you do daily that you could (or should) be outsourcing. Is your time not being put to good use? Would your business then grow faster because you’ve offloaded the right stuff?
“Letting go of the things I wasn’t passionate about I saw 30% growth year on year.” Nancy told us. “All the things I thought I couldn’t afford, I now could and I was able to ramp up contributions to the charities I am passionate about.”
Nancy went on to share how her fear of vulnerability surfaced when she decided to write the book.
We all have something that makes us shine, sets us apart, and once we let that shine (without comparing ourselves to others) we become comfortable in my own skin.


  • Surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you.
  • Engage with those playing a bigger game than you (whom you aspire to be like)
  • Address your imposter syndrome (and use it to find where you need to grow)
  • Always take the leap, even when you’re scared (know there will always be another platform to leap from, but you’ve got to keep jumping)
  • Every day, just keep jumping!

We really thank Nancy who was very generous with her time and really has a way of encouraging us all to embrace our fears and to continue growing and thriving.

Another big thank you to FUNDA Finance Partners for sponsoring what was a really great event.

Next Luncheon – 10th December
This will be our final luncheon for the year and will be sponsored by Peter Drayton Wines and IronBark Hill Craft Beer. The Drayton family will be our guest speakers on the day, and it will be a great networking event to end the year. I encourage you to click here and buy your tickets early – we may even hold a wine/beer tasting competition!

Craig Wellings | 2019 President