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Newcastle Business Club expresses sincere gratitude for the dedication and hard work of past committees that has paved the way for the success and progress of the club today


Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2021

L-R: Clare Ferguson (Seargant-at-Arms), Jon Jones (Treasurer), Holly Martin, Sam Matthews (Secretary), Jodi O’Connor (Junior Vice-President) Stephanie Jordan (President) Jim Garis (Senior Vice-President), Liz Murray, Andrew Olsen, Kyle Griffiths and Samantha Miller

Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2020

Front row L-R: Jim Garis (Junior Vice-President and Treasurer), Clare Ferguson (President) Stephanie Jordan (Senior Vice-President), Jodi O’Connor (Secretary), Holly Martin
Back row L-R: Kerryn Campbell, Leslie Peters, Kyle Griffiths, Craig Wellings, Sam Matthews (Seargant-at-Arms)



Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2019

Front row L-R: Alyssa Brault, Stephanie Jordan (Junior Vice-President), Craig Wellings (President), Clare Ferguson (Senior Vice-President), Jodi O’Connor
Back row L-R: Jim Garis, Holly Martin (Sergeant-At-Arms), Sonya Hughes, Sam Matthews (Secretary)
Absent: Steve Wendtman, Alex Nicolaidis (Treasurer)

Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2018

Back row L-R: Sonya Hughes, Clare Ferguson, Stephanie Jordan, Tiron Manning, Alex Nicolaidis (Treasurer), Alyssa Gill, Anna Bailey
Front row L-R: Sam Matthews (Secretary), Holly Martin (President), Craig Wellings (Senior Vice-President)
Absent: Kris Leck (Sergeant-At-Arms) and Lenore Miller (Junior Vice-President)



Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2017

Back row L-R: Alyssa Gill, David Carey, Helen Ogle, Ty Brennock, Tiron Manning, Michael Williams, Sonya Hughes, Anna Bailey
Front row L-R: Kris Leck, (Sergeant-At-Arms), Kate Grob (Secretary), Dene Kilpatrick (President), Holly Martin (Senior Vice-President), Bernie Garrett (Junior Vice-President)
Absent: Jo Bright


Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2016

Back row L-R: Josh Fullerton, Kris Leck (Sergeant-At-Arms), Holly Martin (Junior Vice-President), Ty Brennock (Immediate past President), Tiron Manning, Anna Bailey, Greg Valentine.
Front row L-R: Michael Williams,Jo Bright (President), Dene Kilpatrick (Senior Vice-President), Paul Gidley (Treasurer)
Absent: Kate Grob (Secretary), Helen Ogle



Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2015

Back row L-R: Graeme Keddie, Greg Valentine, Tiron Manning, Kris Leck (Sergeant-At-Arms)
Front row L-R: Ty Brennock (President), Holly Martin (Junior Vice-President), Kate Grob, Helen Ogle, Jo Bright (Senior Vice-President), Anna Bailey, Josh Fullerton

Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2014

Back row L-R: Dene Kilpatrick (Treasurer), Ty Brennock, Holly Martin (Junior Vice President), Kate Grob, Kris Leck, Ron Scanes (Secretary)
Front row L-R: Sabrina Wild (Senior Vice President), Tiron Manning (President), Anna Bailey
Absent: Greg Valentine, Alison Perrott (Immediate Past President), Daniel Quinn, Tom Momsen



Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2013

Back row L-R: Ron Scanes (Secretary), Andrew Luks, Brendan McNabb, Kate Grob, Tiron Manning, Holly Martin (Junior Vice President), Garth Drinkwater (Treasurer)
Front row L-R: Sabrina Wild, Kris Leck, Alison Perrott (President), Daniel Quinn (Immediate Past President), Anna Bailey
Absent: Greg Valentine (Senior Vice President)

Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2012

Back row L-R: Kris Leck, Greg Valentine, Andrew Luks, Micah Jenkins, Ron Scanes, Holly Martin
Front row L-R: Garth Drinkwater, Alison Perrott, Brendan McNabb, Daniel Quinn, Tiron Manning, Sabrina Wild, Kate Grob



Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2011

Back row L-R: Tiron Manning, Greg Valentine, Kate Grob, Alison Perrott, Holly McHattan (Junior Vice President), Sabrina Wild, Ron Scanes (Secretary)
Front row L-R: Brendan McNabb (Treasurer), Kris Leck (President), Daniel Quinn (Senior Vice President)
Absent: Gordon Blair, Bradd Morelli, Micah Jenkins (Immediate Past President)

Photographed by Edward Cross

Newcastle Business Club Commitee of 2010

Back row L-R: Lisa Hatherley, Daniel Quinn, Holly McHattan (Junior Vice President), Martin Matthews, Kate Grob, Ron Scanes (Secretary), Meg McNaughton (Immediate Past President), Michael Ulph
Front L-R: Brendan McNabb (Treasurer), Gordon Blair (Sargent-at-Arms), Micah Jenkins (President), Kris Leck (Senior Vice President)
Absent: Greg Valentine, Stewart Smith

Photographed by Edward Cross