President's Message

Return to Networking

I could not be happier with our first luncheon back and it was a delight to see so many members and guests. I am pleased to have had numerous attendees call me to congratulate us on a fantastic event.

The Newcastle Jockey Club was a refreshing experience, with a race day in the background, and Jeff McCloy impressing the crowds with his entertaining presentation and sincere and honest responses to questions.

Jeff set an evocative tone showing the audience a picture of the Belmont family home he was raised in. Growing up in humble beginnings, Jeff has never forgotten “what yesterday looked like”. Jeff shared that this photo keeps him grounded and ensures he never takes life for granted. Jeff also conveyed the importance of having a strong vision and being able to “connect the dots”.

Hilton Grugeon’s insights, during his thank you speech, acknowledged Jeff’s remarkable philanthropic nature. As an example, just one of many, Hilton told of a time when young kids approached Jeff asking for a donation for the bus they wanted to buy for disabled children. Jeff’s response was to ask how much the bus cost. Once told, he proceeded to write a cheque for the full amount.

Question time brought out a diverse range of subjects and Jeff was at ease sharing his enormous knowledge and passion. Offering insights, experiences, lessons learnt and strategic knowledge. I know from feedback that the audience really enjoyed being able to connect personally with Jeff.

I would like to thank our sponsors GWH Build and Graph Residential and Graph Building again for their support, along with Ooh Media, Hunter Headline and The Newcastle Herald.

Our next luncheon, the Members and Awards event, is only 2 weeks away on 27th October. An invitation will be sent to members shortly. The Annual Awards recognises a younger (under 35) person, an individual and a company/organisation who have made a significant contribution toward the commonwealth of Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Whether that is through the improvement of industry, culture, education, sport or the overall wellbeing of the citizens of Newcastle.

Nominations close this week – so make sure you nominate now! Click now to enter.

Clare Ferguson | 2020 President