President's Message

September Luncheon

Our September luncheon was full of energy with the charismatic presentation from Daniel Hayes.  His beginnings were humble; as a boy he grew up living in a caravan with his brother and single mother.  With one pair of rubber soled shoes, that sometimes melted on the pavement as he walked to school, he lacked the privileges of most others.

Then came the time when he commenced in real estate.  With an ill-fitting suit and second hand European car he was set to take on the world as an agent listing property.  His strategy was simple, don’t let the six inches of matter between your ears limit you – shut down the negative self-talk and have quality conversations with the people who are looking for a professional to sell their home.  His strategy worked because he was crowned number one sales person for listings sold, for one of Victoria’s largest franchise networks.

Thank you to Tiron Manning of Newcastle Buyer’s Agent for his generous sponsorship of the luncheon.

Our next luncheon has the powerhouse pair Heidi Alexandra and Michelle Crawford from Human Power presenting on a topic that should be close to every businesses heart.  A business that can identify with clarity its true purpose and unite its people behind that message is going to be hard to beat in today’s market place.  Combine this with identifying with your people as individuals as opposed to labour units or full-time equivalents, and you will have a workforce that others will envy.  Michelle and Heidi’s key note presentation should not be missed if you want to be well armed as a leader in today’s business world.

A reminder that our awards luncheon is in November.  We recommend you get your nominations in for these prestigious awards as 13 October is the closing date.

See you at the lunches this year,

Dene Kilpatrick | 2017 President