President's Message

Take time to smell the roses – even just for a quick minute

I try hard when writing this column to keep it light-hearted and composed. This past month has proved balance is not always achievable. So I ask that you indulge my somewhat melancholy writing in parts as I share how valuable yet fickle life can be.

Some describe me as slightly autocratic and they may be correct. I do like to be organised, informed and I believe that everything should be done by putting your best foot forward at all times. Being suddenly struck with a health issue that saw me out of action for a number of weeks did heighten my stress levels. As I listed off a hundred and one reasons why I could not be confined to bed nor live without my laptop, my mind raced to my responsibilities at work and the client needs that only I could handle. As the days went on and I found I had no choice but to give in, I learnt that we all place far too much emphasis on our own importance. Yes, I may have inconvenienced many people and yes I am extremely grateful to those who stepped in to assist me but at the end of the day it was only my family that really matter. It was affirmation that taking time to stop and smell the roses is not an old wife’s tale to be laughed off.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in ourselves and our work and have tunnel vision amid the world around us. Finding the true importance in life and valuing the people that matter definitely needs to be at the forefront of our days but it is an easy practise to forget. I do not have the answers of how to always achieve this but I know I will spend more time weighing up the importance of each choice I make throughout each day moving forward.

My first full week back at work started off with our September luncheon and I was grateful to have such a delightful speaker to mark the occasion. Deborah Thomas also outlined the importance of family as she detailed the lessons she too has learnt throughout her career. Our feedback from many of our audience was how modest Deborah is when she outlines her vast achievements. I hope you all enjoyed the change of venue for this event. It is always nice to have a change every now and again.

And now to October – I admit to not knowing a great deal about cricket. This Boxing Day my boys and their Dad are enjoying the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne whilst my daughter and I hit the Bourke Street Mall sales, as this is the closest I need to be to the MCG! What I do know – thanks to some very enthusiastic workmates who have already secured tickets – is that Mark Waugh is a very popular choice for our next luncheon. This event will take a slightly different format by way of a full question and answer session. Success on and off the sporting field is sure to result in a fantastic experience which, due to the high level of interest, will be held at City Hall. Please purchase your tickets early so you do not miss out on this great opportunity to connect with others and hear the tales Mark Waugh is sure to share.

I look forward to lunching with many of our members and their guests in October and urge you in the meantime to take some time out to enjoy family and friends, the spring weather and smell a rose or two.

I look forward to seeing you for lunch,

Jo Bright | 2016 President